Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Serena Williams - Too good or?

Is Serena Williams simply too good for the rest of the competition? If you look at the last two Grand Slams the answer is definitely yes as she had no problems winning them and showing the world that without injuries she's definitely the best player on tour. Her shot power is simply too much for other girls at the moment, especially since both Serbian girls Ana Ivanovic and Jelena Jankovic are struggling to find their best form, while Dinara Safina still looks too nervous when playing against this kind of competition. Sharapova of course still remains injured, and her return as well as her form when she does return are still very much a mystery.

Serena Williams looks to be on top of her game so competition will have tough time stopping her.

And in the meantime if competition doesn't improve, and if Serena doesn't get injured I see no other tennis player stopping her from total tennis domination this year as she could even win all 4 Grand Slams id anything goes well. Competition has really tough task in stopping her. In any case it will be very interesting to see the rest of the tennis year. Is Serena really too good for the rest of the pack? What do you think?

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