Thursday, November 15, 2007

Hot female tennis players - Ana Ivanovic

Ana Ivanovic was born on November 6, 1987, in Belgrade, Serbia. She's 6'1 (186 cm) tall and weighs 72 kg. Ana Ivanovic plays right-handed, plays two handed backhand and she's tennis pro since 2003. Ana Ivanovic plays with the Wilson racquet and her clothing sponsor is Nike.

Ana Ivanovic started playing tennis very early when she was just five years old after she saw on television matches from Monica Seles. Ana Ivanovic literally begged her parents to take her to the tennis school which they eventually and thankfully do and gave Ana real opportunity to show her talent. Her family is a in to sport, but no one of them played tennis before Anna. Ana Ivanovic has brother Milos (he likes to play basketball). Ana's parents are Dragana (lawyer) and Miroslav (economist) and they're very proud of her daughter success.

Ana Ivanovic isn't only known for her excellent tennis game, but also for her amazing beauty. This young dark-haired beauty is enjoying her reputation as one of the most beautiful players on the Tour and her beauty is often compared to another beauty Maria Sharapova. Ana Ivanovic is very cheerful girl and she's aware of her beauty as she once said: "I know I'm pretty". And that's the truth Ana Ivanovic is really one pretty girl.

Ana Ivanovic also likes to watch movies (especially thrillers) and shopping and fashion like all the pretty girls do. She likes to play on all the surfaces and she really enjoys while playing. Ana Ivanovic loves to eat sushi and to drink orange juice and fresh water. her favorite tennis player is Roger Federer because of his dedication to sport.

Ana Ivanovic likes to travel and her favorite cities are Melbourne, Paris and London. Ana often describes herself as sensitive and extremely competitive, determinant to win and become better. Ana is already (2007) top five player and she could even increase her current ranking because she's still young and has a lot of tennis years in front of her. Unless she changes her mind and goes to fashion waters where she would be surely successful as she in tennis with her amazing look.

For nice pictures of Ana Ivanovic check out the Ana Ivanovic picture gallery. And here' s one very nice Ana Ivanovic video.

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