Monday, June 30, 2008

Hot female tennis players - Jelena Dokic

Jelena Dokic is beautiful tennis player from Australia. She was born in Belgrade, Serbia, on April 12th, 1983, she's 5' 9'' (175 cm), weighs 132 lbs. (60 kg), plays right-handed and two-handed backhand, and she's on tour since 1998.

Jelena Dokic started playing tennis very early, and she was very accomplished junior tennis player. She emigrated to Australia from Serbia in 1994, and she played in her career for both Australia and Serbia. Jelena Dokic likes listening to a music and going to a beach. She also likes to travel and her favorite cities are Paris and Rome. Her tennis idol is great Steffi Graf.

Jelena Dokic is very talented tennis player and she was one time (2002) ranked as No.4 on WTA single rankings. However she did have several family issues (with her father) that made her drop significantly in rankings. In 2008 she did win two ITF tournaments and return to top 200 players but she is still very far from the top of the rankings. It is very difficult to say whether she could make some other good result in the upcoming years as many believe her prime time was couple of years ago. It all depends whether she can find that game she used to have couple a years ago. If she can then she could still surprise us with some good results.

Jelena Dokic is really beautiful tennis player and one of the hottest on WTA tour. Now if her game would be as good as her look that would be one awesome tennis player. She used to be an excellent tennis player so the question is can she find that past form once again?

And here's one very nice Jelena Dokic video.

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