Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot female tennis players - Caroline Wozniacki

Caroline Wozniacki is beautiful tennis player from Denmark. She was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, on July 11th, 1990, she's 5' 10" (1.77m), weighs 128 lbs. (58kg), plays right-handed and two-handed backhand with Babolat Aero Pro Drive racquet, and she's on tour since 2005.

Caroline Wozniacki started playing tennis very early at the age of 7, and at first she was coached by her father that used to play soccer and her mother used to play volleyball so she definitely has sporting genes. She soon showed great talent and it didn't take her lot to appear on WTA tour, already in 2005. Besides tennis Caroline Wozniacki also likes swimming and soccer. She likes to read (especially Harry Potter books), and she also likes to listen music. Her favorite food is steak and potatoes.

Caroline Wozniacki is very talented tennis player with many tennis years ahead of her. She's already (June 2008, number 32) close to top 20 players, and being so young she can only improve her game. What Caroline really needs is more experience, especially in matches against top ranked players. She also needs to work more on her strength, and mental stability during the match. However she does have luxury of many times ahead of her so don't be surprised if this girl soon turns out to be among top ten players.

Caroline Wozniacki probably has the most beautiful smile on WTA tour, and she does look so sweet and beautiful, which has really increased her army of fans. So the only thing Caroline really has to to do is to start adding more victories to her name. She definitely has enough talent to make it so.

Here's one very nice Caroline Wozniacky video.

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