Friday, November 16, 2007

Hot female tennis players - Sania Mirza

Sania Mirza was born in Mumbai, India on 15th November, 1986 and she's a professional tennis player. She's 5' 8" (173 cm) and weighs 126 lbs. (57kg), plays right-handed with two-handed backhand. Sania Mirza is on tour since 2003. Sania uses Head MicroGel Extreme Pro and her clothing sponsor is Lotto.

Sania Mirza started playing tennis very early at the age of 6 and the credits goes to her mother who took her to the coach. However since she wasn't tall enough coach at first refused to train her but eventually coach changed his mind, after being impressed by Sania's will and devotion. Sania's initial goal was to reach Top 100 but after she's done that her appetite grew and now she wants even more, since currently (November 2007) she's at top 40 players on WTA tour.

Sania Mirza is extremely popular in her homeland India because she is the highest rank female player of all time in India. As for her religion, Sania Mirza is devoted Muslim. She has potential to move up in the rankings but she'll have to particularly approve her Grand Slam score (so far her biggest success there is 4th round of the US open).

Sania Mirza isn't only famous for her tennis game, but for her beauty as well, as she brought that exotic Indian style to the WTA tour. Because of this number of her fans keeps on growing. While Sania Mirza's beauty is undisputed her game must improve, especially when playing against top ten players. But Sania still has time to make her game more powerful, and she could and really should increase her ranking in years to come because talent is already there. We'll soon see what future holds for Indian beauty Sania Mirza.

And here's one very nice Sania Mirza video.

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