Sunday, November 18, 2007

Hot female tennis players - Maria Kirilenko

Maria Kirilenko is beautiful tennis player from Russia. She was born in Moscow, on January 25th 1987, she's 5' 8'' (173 cm), weighs 127 lbs. (57.6 kg), plays right-handed with Yonex RDS 002 racquet, her clothing sponsor is Adidas, and she's on tour since 2001.

Maria Kirilenko started playing tennis when she was 7 years old, but she had money problems in paying for expensive tennis trainings. But well known players Kafelnikov, Mirnyi and Olchovskiy that had created an organization for helping young and talented players helped Maria Kirilenko to have practices and attend tournaments. Maria Kirilenko won her first tournament in 2005 at China Open.

Maria Kirilenko is currently among top 30 tennis players and she'll really have to work hard to make her way up the rankings because competition is pretty tough. She'll specially have to improve on Grand Slams where so far she didn't show her best game and she'll have to do there lot more than just reaching 3rd round what's her best result so far.

Maria Kirilenko likes to read, play computer games and she also likes basketball and football. Her favorite players are Jennifer Capriati and Yevgeni Kafelnikov, and she likes to play on hard surface.

While the beauty of Maria Kirilenko is more than obvious, her game needs to be shown in a more versatile way if she wants to make her way up the rankings. So far Maria Kirilenko is showing some potential but not enough to make serious impact on her ranking. But Maria Kirilenko is still very young and she has lot of tennis years in front of her with lots of time to improve.

Here's one very nice Maria Kirilenko video.

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