Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Bethanie Mattek hot photo gallery

Many people still wonder why I've included Bethanie Mattek among the hot female tennis players. Well it is mostly because of her cool sense for fashion that many times reveals certain assets that are real pleasure to watch. She's not the prettiest girl on court, that's for sure but this isn't Miss Universe contest, we are talking about the hot female tennis players, and I personally believe Bethanie deserves to be included.

Here are some nice photos featuring hot female tennis player Bethanie Mattek. Click on the picture to enlarge it.


  1. this is blasphemy!
    this is madness!!
    how on earth does she make it to such a prestigious list!!!

  2. This woman is hot. No doubts about that.
    Cute face and especially HOT clothing...
    Come on, if we are talking about hot,
    how can you say Mattek is not hot? She the hottest of all of them. Except maybe for Serena...

  3. She may not be the conventional body for sexiness but none the less a very good looking women in her own right

  4. Girl got some junk in the trunk, that's for sure. More cushion for the pushin. She has a realistic shape, and is obviously in better condition than many of us. Killer outfits, too.