Friday, February 19, 2010

Hot female tennis players - Kristina Antoniychuk

Kristina Antoniychuk is hot female tennis player from Ukraine. Kristina was born in Kolomiya, Ukraine on $th Septemper 1990, she's 5' 7" (170 cm), weighs 139 lbs. (63 kg), plays right handed, and two handed backhand, and we are yet to see more of her among pros.

Kristina Antoniychuk besides tennis also loves skating, music, and riding. So far she hasn't show any great results but she still has a lot of time to show us whether she's made to be good tennis player or not.

Kristina hasn't been so far noticed for her game but she has been definitely noticed for her fantastic look, and she would no doubt had entire army of fans behind her with a couple of good results in succession.

She hasn't played many matches on pro tour so it is difficult to say what kind of player she is. Hopefully good enough to see her more often.

And here's one very nice Kristina Antoniychuk video.

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