Friday, March 7, 2008

Hot female tennis players - Venus Williams

Venus Williams is beautiful American tennis player. Venus Williams was born in Lynwood, California, USA on June 17th, 1980. She's 6' 1'' (1.85 m), weighs 160 lbs. (72.5 kg), plays right-handed, with two handed backhand and she is on tour since 1994. She plays wit Wilson racquet and her clothing sponsor is EleVen.

Venus Williams started playing tennis very early as her father Richard introduced her and her sister to this beautiful sport. Venus was very talented and had already in this age powerful strikes that would later become her trademark in tennis. Venus Williams already showed her great talent by winning many major tournaments such as Wimbledon. Her only problem is that she was often plagued by injuries which prevented her from reaching even higher tennis results, and because of them her form isn't quite as it used to be in the start of the new millennium. However she's back, but she has pretty tough younger competition ahead of her if she wants to make it to let's say top five tennis players.

Venus Williams like is very versatile person, she's very successful in design, has its own clothing design EleVen and she also likes to read, dance and collect Asian antiques. She also plays guitar, and she's interested in music production.

Maybe Venus isn't at this time (2008) with full thoughts in tennis but she still has that ability to beat anybody on given day and she certainly is more than capable to insure top ten rankings in the next few years, unless injuries stop her once again.

And here's one nice Venus Williams video.

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