Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Victoria Azarenka hot photo gallery

Not all tennis hotties come from Russia, there's one Belorussian player as well that looks stunning when playing and her name is Victoria Azarenka. She's maybe not as popular as Sharapova or Ivanovic but this doesn't mean she's not hot. Quite the opposite, especially offcourt, because when playing she really cares more about her game rather than her look.

Victoria Azarenka is not only hot, she's also a real cutie with such sweet smile. It's really a pleasure seeing this girl all in smiles after winning the match. Her latest outfits have also helped her cause, and I believe she's rightfully included to hottest female tennis players list.

In any case here are some nice hot photos featuring hot female tennis player Victoria Azarenka. Click on the picture to enlarge it.


  1. Wonder if she has bothered to listen to any of her match footage and how atrocious that shrilling grunt of her sounds. It's so hard to listen to that "animal caught in a trap" shriek every time she takes a swing. It sounds like a dead on impersonation of Sharapova's shriek and now we have Larcher de Brito coming up which puts them all to shame. Absolutely adds nothing to the viewer experience to allow it to happen and should be regulated for the sake of the game.

  2. Actually the 8th pic is not vika and it's dementieva...

  3. It's Vika on the 8th picture!