Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hot female tennis players - Vojislava Lukic

Vojislava Lukic is hot female tennis player from Serbia. She was born on on March 31, 1987, in Subotica, Serbia, she's 5'9'' (175 cm), weighs 130 lbs. (59 kg), plays right-handed and two-handed backhand, and she's on tour since 2004.

Vojislava Lukic is very much in the shadow of more famous Serbian players like Ana Ivanovic and Jelena Jankovic. This of course isn't surprising since these two girls are the top of the female tennis and Vojislava still needs to make entry into top 200 players on WTA tour. It would be perhaps unrealistic to expect Vojislava to go all the way to the top 10 tennis players but she could certainly progress into top 100 players. She needs to show more focus on her tennis game in order to improve her current statistics of 3 ITF tournaments win.

While Vojislava Lukic definitely needs improvement in her game she doesn't need improvement in her look as she always look extremely hot on tennis court. And with couple of good results to her name she would probably receive much more attention.

And here's one very nice Vojislava Lukic video.

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