Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Hot female tennis players - Arantxa Rus

Arantxa Rus is hot female tennis player from Netherlands. Arantxa was born in Delft, The Netherlands, on December 13, 1990, she's 1.80 m tall, weighs around 65 kg, plays left handed, and two handed backhand, and of lately plays as the pro.

Arantxa Rus started playing tennis when she was five years old. She soon showed her talent, and the top of her current tennis career was in 2008 when she won junior Australian open. She was not named after the legendary Arantxa Sanchez Vicario, her parents just loved the name.

Arantxa Rus loves shopping, travels, watching movies, and hanging out with the friends. Her favorite shots are backhand and volleys, and she would like to make a successful tennis career.

From current point of view it is very difficult to tell whether Arantxa Rus will become a big tennis name or not, she's still very young so there is time for improvement, and the talent is there, after all she did win the 2008 junior Australian open. But to be noticed among the pros she would need to put lot more efforts into her tennis game.

Though she still has to be notices for her game this is not the case with her beauty. Arantxa Rus definitely belongs to the hottest female tennis players on tour, and it would be a real pleasure seeing much more of her in years to come.

And here's one very nice Arantxa Rus video.

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