Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hot female tennis players - Agnes Szavay

Agnes Szavay is beautiful tennis player from Hungary. Agnes was born in Kiskunhalas, Hungary, on December 29th 1988, she's 5' 7" (171 cm), weighs 139 lbs. (63 kg), plays right-handed and two-handed backhand with Wilson K Tour racquet, and her clothing sponsor is Fila. Agnes Szavay has been on tour since 2004.

Agnes Szavay started playing tennis at the age of six at her local tennis club where she showed great talent. Besides tennis she also likes swimming and athletics, and she really enjoys off-court training activities. She likes hard surfaces where her powerful serve becomes more dominant. Agnes Szavay likes listening pop music that relaxes her. Her sports idol is Lance Armstrong because of his successful fight with cancer, and her favorite tennis player is Roger Federer.

Agnes Szavay is already showing how talented she really is by making some very impressive results and being among top 20 female tennis players in the world (No.19-June 2008), but if she wants to go among top ten or even higher she will have to show more than powerful serve and beautiful two-handed backhand. More consistency and mixing the shots should really do the trick for her, especially in years to come, since she has many tennis years in front of her.

Agnes Szavay is not only noticed by her tennis talent but also for her beauty and she has army of her faithful fans not only in Hungary but worldwide. After all her beautiful smile and incredible "upper body" really make the difference among the fans, placing Agnes among the hottest female tennis players on tour.

And here's one very nice Agnes Szavay video.

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