Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hot female tennis players - Olga Poutchkova

Olga Poutchkova (Puchkova) is beautiful female tennis player from Russia. Olga was born in Moscow, Russia, on September 27th, 1987, she's 5' 11" (180 cm), weighs about 133 lbs. (60 kg), plays right-handed, and two-handed backhand, and she's been on tour since 2002.

Olga Poutchkova started playing tennis at the age of 8, and soon she showed great talent, and she was even ranked No.1 in Under 12s competition, and future looked very bright for her. Besides tennis she also enjoys swimming and horseback riding. She likes to travel, especially in her favorite cities are New York, Paris, and London. She likes listening to a music and her favorite singer is Madonna. Beside being a tennis player Olga is also a model.

Olga Poutchkova really has to step up her game if she wants to achieve something big in women's tennis game. She already showed in her young days that she has the talent but she failed to deliver this talent to senior competition. Her serve needs more improving as well as her baseline shots (especially forehand) if she wants to achieve top rankings. Her best ranking so far was in June 2007, when she was No.32, and only year after she was already out of the top 100 players on tour.

Olga Poutchkova is really beautiful female tennis player, another member of the gorgeous Russian pack. While her beauty remains unquestioned, her game has offered a lot of questions, and it will be really interesting to see whether Olga will find right answers to these questions in years to come.

And here is one very nice Olga Poutchkova video.

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