Tuesday, August 19, 2008

That funny tennis story vol.1

You know I've always wanted to become tennis coach. But there was this one reason preventing me in achieving this dream of mine - the fact that I hate losing matches. Almost as much as this girl.

But then again maybe, just maybe, I've made a wrong decision. After all nobody losses all the time, and winning matches certainly has some bright spots.

But enough about me, let us talk a little bit about the eating habits in tennis world. You probably think how all these players have healthy eating habits? Well think again. What do you think where does Jelena Jankovic get her energy from?

Jelena is certainly my type of girl. But let's get back to other players. Maria Sharapova, for instance is crazy for sweets. According to the latest edition of Medical journal this type of eating habit can have serious effect on your vocal abilities. Luckily for Maria her vocal abilities are more than O.K.

On the other hand you have some players that don't want to be disturbed when eating. And you can forget asking them for a bite. Better luck next time Dominika.

While researching this I stumble upon Elena Dementieva. She was busy with juggling. Nice skill there Elena.

I've told this to Jelena but she wasn't very impressed with Elena's skill.

She said that anyone can do it with one ball. So she decided to make things more interesting.

Did she made it? Let Agnes Szavay answer you this question.

Well done Jelena.

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