Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Hot female tennis players - Karolina Sprem

Karolina Sprem is beautiful tennis player from Croatia. Karolina was born in Varazdin, Croatia, on October 25th, 1984, she's 5' 9" (174 cm), weighs 134 lbs. (61 kg), plays right-handed and two-handed backhand, and she's been on tour since 2001.

Karolina Sprem started playing tennis at the age of nine. She likes listening to a music, especially dance and R&B. Besides tennis she also likes horse riding. She very much likes to travel, especially to famous cities like Paris and Rome. In May 2007 she had elbow operation and started playing again.

Karolina Sprem rose to a prominence in 2004 when she was among top 20 female tennis players (highest 17) but after that she's been tumbling down the rankings, something because of injury and something because of bad form. At this time she is making too many unforced errors and she will have to improve her game significantly if she wants to return near the top of the women's tennis game.

Karolina Sprem still has to show that she hasn't forgotten how to win tennis matches, and her return to past form would be definitely appreciated by many of her tennis fans that would like to see more of this tennis hottie.

And here's one nice Karolina Sprem video.

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