Monday, February 23, 2009

Who's the hottest Russian tennis player?

Russian female tennis players are really something special at tennis courts around the world. These girls are not only excellent tennis players but a real beauties, and the only thing we are left to do is to choose the hottest Russian player at WTA tour. I know this is a tough task but someone's got to do it. Here are the candidates:

First one is none other than Siberian beauty queen Maria Sharapova. Tall, blonde, elegant with amazing body. The only pitty is that we lately haven't seen much of her because of injury.

Our second contestant is Russian girl with simply an amazing smile, a real cutie if there's was one gorgeous looking Maria Kirilenko. Unlike Maria Sharapova she does play but we also see her very rarely because of her recent poor form.

Next one is another beautiful blonde Russian tennis sensation Elena Dementieva. Elena is not only looking very hot but is lately also showing very good form.

Our next suggestion is another Russian cutie, this time under name of Anna Chakvetadze. Anna has some ups and downs in her tennis game but she definitely always looks hot when playing.

And last but certainly not the least is Elena Vesnina, Russian tennis beauty with amazing body and hot look in her eyes. Her game maybe needs improvement but that certainly can't be said for her looks.

Make sure to give us your comments so we can decide which of these tennis hottie is giving the most heat to cold "Mother Russia".


  1. I would give my vote to Maria Kirilenko, she's the most beautiful of them all. Maria Sharapova is overrated, and so is Ana Ivanovic.

  2. i would like to give my vote to maria sharapova she is number one i mean look at her body she can be a world miss

  3. Lina Krasnoroutskaya is by far the most beautiful Russian tennis player ever.

  4. Hands down it's Elena D she is gorgeous.

  5. My vote is in the order that you have then shown, with Sharapova #1 but Kirilenko right on her tail, so to speak. Dementieva looks too much like Napoleon Dynamite/John Heder in some of her pics. Chakvetadze isn't that attractive to me and Vesnina's cheeks are too big and she's prone to skin breakouts. However, the hottest Russian overall is Romana TABAKOVA.

  6. Now a days, I think Maria Sharapova looks sort of old, but she is still one of the most beautiful and talented tennis players out there.

  7. Dementieva is the most beautiful. I think.