Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Jelena Jankovic doesnt have charisma?

I don't know what's wrong with people today. During these past days I have been reading all kinds of stuff how Jelena Jankovic doesn't have charisma like other top tennis players, how she doesn't deserve N0.1 spot since she so far hasn't won Grand Slam tournament, and how she's just hitting the ball like robot without any imagination in game.

For me this is all rubbish and jealousy. Jelena Jankovic not deserving No.1 spot, come on people. No.1 spot is her reward for consistency throughout the whole year, as her form was really constant throughout the whole year unlike any other player( Jelena Jankovic consistent) and I believe how it is only matter of time before she wins her first Grand Slam tournament. And if her game is only hitting the ball without imagination then she must be damn good at it, since she very rarely leaves the court with her head down.

And now to charisma. Not having charisma? Then what would you say about this video?

Talking about both sexy and charismatic. To me Jelena Jankovic is anything but dull tennis player, and I believe she definitely earned her No1. spot. Do you share my opinion?

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  1. I find her hot, charismatic and sexy, go JJ!!!