Thursday, October 9, 2008

Williams sisters - Hot or not?

Lately we received dozens of mails where some of our visitors are amazed with the fact that we included Williams sisters among the hottest female tennis players on tour. Comments were that they do not have enough sex appeal nor are they pretty, they are full of mussels, and not feminine enough, and that they do not have enough personality or charisma, both on and off the court.

Williams sisters - Do you find them hot?

I agree there are some girls more prettier than Williams sisters on tour, but saying that they are not hot doesn't hold water, especially in Serena's case. They both have amazing bodies, and look good, especially off court. Serena is the passionate one, while Venus seems more relaxed and perhaps not to energetic when playing. But hey these are the Williams sisters, the most successful sisters in history of the tennis game. That also has to count for few extra points.

What's your view on this matter?


  1. Definitely hot looking, perhaps not the prettiest on tour but hot. Especially Serena she's smokin hot.

  2. They're great looking girls. I'm fed up of all these blonde stick thin girls being shoved down my throat.