Monday, October 6, 2008

Daniela Hantuchova is too skinny?

So how about Daniela Hantuchova? Do you love this skinny girl look or does she really need 20 pounds extra to make the difference? Daniela Hantuchova is very beautiful girl but still you got this feeling that there's nothing but skin and bones on her. When I showed these two pictures to my granny she asked me "Is this girl eating something?"

Could be this new "skinny trend" or something but I still prefer girls with a bit more meat. For me she would be much hotter if she would to gain some (significant) weight, in fact I do not know how can she hit the ball with so much power given her physical appearance. What about you? Do you love those twiggy looking female tennis players, or do you prefer girls like Ana Ivanovic or Serena Williams that aren't this skinny? Share your thoughts.


  1. Yes, way too skinny, Ana Ivanovic is example of how real athlete body should look like

  2. Dani is pur-r-r-r-fect in every way. Skinny is beautiful.