Friday, October 3, 2008

Tatiana Golovin - Ellen Barkin look a like?

Recently there was this one very interesting mail from Florant from France. He says that Tatiana Golovin has the sexiest look in her eyes of all other players on tour, and this makes her incredible sexy. He also gave this pretty interesting comparison that Tatiana Golovin kind a looks like Ellen Barkin, famous actress who was in her prime considered as one of the sex symbols of the Hollywood.

Now, there' s no doubt that Tatiana Golovin really has word sexy written all on her, and her eyes are no exception. This tennis hottie is definitely extremely sexy, and has that bit extra that makes the difference. Now lets get to her resemblance with Ellen Barkin. I must say looking some Tatiana Golovin pictures there really is this look in her eyes that kind a looks like the one of Ellen Barkin.
Tatiana Golovin hot photos

What are your thoughts on this fun topic? Do these two hotties really look a like?


  1. lol, they look like mother & daughter:)

  2. Ellen trying to look like Tatiana or her Grandmother. No mater how many times you get under the knife you will never have the natural beauty of Tatiana Elen. Tatiana is real, you are the result of a Creit Card and a Plastic surgeon.