Thursday, September 18, 2008

Names of tennis hotties - Funny coincidence

Have you you ever wondered what is the first step for some girl to become real tennis hottie? Forget about biology, heritage, genes and similar stuff. What some girl really needs is the right name. You probably wonder "what the hell is he talking about?" Well I'm talking about the name, or to be more precise names, or even more precise three names Ana/Anna, Maria and Jelena/Elena.

Ana or Anna is basically the same name, only depends of certain country whether it is with one or two "n", and the same applies with Jelena/Elena. Now this three names by some weird and funny coincidence are related to the hottest tennis girls. You have Ana Ivanovic, Anna Kournikova & Anna Chakvetadze, Maria Sharapova & Maria Kirilenko, and Jelena Jankovic, Jelena Dokic & Elena Dementieva.

These girls, connected with these three names, are the hottest what female tennis has to offer. But just imagine, if we of course follow this crazy logic, tennis girl named for instance Anna Maria? OK, this Anna Maria girl should really look like Angelina Jolie in her prime days, but of course on the tennis court holding racquet in her hands while dressed in some hot body-hugging tennis outfit. Come on Anna Maria, we are eagerly expecting you.



Anna Maria.

It's really a simple logic:)

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