Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Jelena Jankovic - The hottest body on tour?

OK. So the next question open for discussion is simple one, namely "does Jelena Jankovic has the hottest body on tour"? You can argue a lot of things but there is no point arguing that JJ really has stunning body figure. My opinion: definitely the hottest body on tour. Even better are her stretching abilities. Talking about really hot body moves.

If there's a perfect body in female's tennis then this is definitely JJ all the way. She is really blessed with one stunning figure. Of course there are more evidence on your disposal ( Jelena Jankovic hot photos).

So what do you think? Does JJ really have the hottest body on tour or this "prestigious title" should belong to some other tennis hottie. Give us your comments.


  1. Definitely Jelena Jankovic, she's just perfect.

  2. The hottest player on WTA tour is Ana.

  3. Ana is not hot! Jelena has a perfect body and the hottest for sure!

  4. Combine Jelena's body, with Ana's face, and Serena's chest, and Elena's hair, and you have PERFECTION !!!!!

  5. You are all part of a process. You. With this question, and the responses, you are watching something that many people are not able to see. It is this: A slow process in which the Internet is dying. Many of you who grew up with the Internet can't imagine: An Internet so different, so smart, and so effective that a person will no longer be able to throw an anonymous and ignorant comment over the wall.

    And hurt someone. With no consequence. Like flipping another driver off in traffic.


    OK, my name is Peter Detruse. Google me. I'm real. I'll try to answer this question. With honesty and respect.

    First of all, if you are using your keyboard, and PC, and Internet connection to launch some missive to judge another person's appearance you are morally corrupt. And broken. And foolish. Your only worthwhile purpose in this regard is to celebrate and give praise to a person and their beauty -- because we are all connected.

    Concerning Jelena: She's beautiful. She's so beautiful that if I were a sensitive man i would cry that God would make such a woman. Cry thanks, cry curses to the almighty that I can't say this to Jelena's face, cry frustration and wonderment that from stardust a world was formed that could make such a match: My attention and her vision.

    She's pretty, sexy, innocent, talented, hard working, and she is anything else that she chooses to be. Only should there be one thing that she is never: Something that you can judge.