Friday, September 19, 2008

Serena Williams - Too many muscles?

One of our visitors from France isn't very excited with the fact that Serena Williams is included into the hottest female tennis players. He thinks that there are too many muscles involved, and that she has more manly look and is short of the usual feminine features. He also added: "Girl with half the size of Serena would perhaps be hot & sexy. But Serena? No chance".

I on the other hand wouldn't be so critical with Serena's look. I consider Serena very hot & sexy, both on and of the court. She is indeed real power package but she is also showing her feminine side. OK, so she's not skinny, but skinny doesn't always mean hot. I mean her body curves are excellent, and she definitely has sense for fashion, which gives her some extra points too. However this is my opinion. Perhaps you disagree?

Is Serena Williams really a tennis hottie or do you think she has to many muscles to be included to the list of the hottest female tennis players?


  1. super sexy.

    Serena has the booty of a goddess.

  2. Not enough, too much baby fat and too much junk in the trunk