Friday, September 12, 2008

Anna Kournikova - The most beautiful female tennis player in history of the game?

Many tennis fans, especially the ones with long tennis watching history are convinced that Anna Kournikova is the most beautiful girl "with racquet in her hand" in entire tennis history. Beyond any doubt Anna Kournikova was really gorgeous girl, now already gorgeous woman, and she definitely played special role in making female tennis popular as many fans worldwide tuned in just to watch this beauty play.

Now the quality of her tennis was always doubtful, when Anna played you always had the feeling that she has the necessary talent but that her minds are somewhere else, somewhere on the red carpets and fancy parties. To be quite honest her game didn't attract many tennis lovers but her beauty now that's a completely different story. I remember many times how disappointed I was when she would make early exits since the joy of watching this beauty on tennis court was over so soon. Luckily the completely different story was when Anna played in doubles with Martina Hingis where she had lot more success. Kournikova-Hingis in doubles, now those were really the days. But lets get back to the main story.

The most beautiful female tennis player of all time or not? This is a tricky one but she definitely introduced female tennis into the new millennium as the hottest female sport. Anna Kournikova was the leader of this incredible female tennis revolution that transformed this beautiful sport into irresistible combination of beautiful game and beautiful players. And if for nothing else then she should at least deserve credit for this. I mean it would be so nice seeing Anna Kournikova play again, that would certainly bring some old memories. However this is very, very unlikely ( Kournikova's return- Would you be cheering for her? )

Well when speaking about the beautiful female tennis players Anna Kournikova's name is probably above all others. Well that is at least the case for me. Perhaps she isn't the hottest girl of all time but the most beautiful yes. Of course this is only my opinion, perhaps you share a different view?

Is Anna Kournikova really the most beautiful female tennis player in history of the game?


  1. Ana Ivanovic has spirit, personality, pretty eyes (windows to the soul), the athletic body yet very feminine, and the aura she presents is very magnetic and she definitely turns heads wherever she goes. Maria and Kournikova tie for second.

  2. excuse me, ANA IVANOVIC is the most beautiful tennis player of all time!