Thursday, September 11, 2008

Comparison between men's and women's tennis game?

Recently I received one very interesting mail. One of my visitors said that women's tennis game lacks the necessary quality that men's tennis game has, especially after some big names like Steffi Graf, Monica Seles, and Justine Henin. According to him men's tennis is all about game while women's tennis is sometimes much more show of beauty than the actual game. He thinks that some female tennis players think too much how to look pretty instead of how to improve their game.

Now I do not share his opinion. Yes it is true that female tennis today doesn't have legendary names like Graf or Seles but that isn't all that bad. At least now we don't know who's gonna play in final of the Grand Slam like we used to do in the time of these dominant tennis legends. Qulaity of the game maybe indeed isn't at the highest level, but we can't really expect another Monica Seles or Steffi Graf so soon. Incredible talents are not born very often, and when you think of the men's game yes there is the quality but there is also a very decent chance that either Federer or Nadal will win certain tournament. Every coin has two sides, and the same situation is with tennis.

Now to the beauty of certain female tennis players. I don't think this has too much influence on the quality of the game, rather on popularity because all these tennis hotties certainly know how to hit the ball. And if beauty of some players helps reaching more fans then why not? After all we all like to see beauty in our everyday's life, so why make the situation with female tennis different? Tell us your thoughts.

Is there really such big difference between men's & women's tennis?

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  1. Women's game definitely has lot more to offer, in men's game there's all about Federer and Nadal.