Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sania Mirza - Not enough talent to go all the way?

I must say I agree with one of our readers who stated that Sania Mirza doesn't have enough to be top ten player. Not so long ago I was convinced that she can make the first step and break into the top 20, but I was wrong as her ranking plummeted in just one year from No.27 (August 2007), all the way down No.91 (August 2008). Yes I know she had some unpleasant injuries that weren't helping her cause but I still doubt her ability to make entry into the top 10 players. I think her game lacks consistency needed to make this cut. On the other hand I would like being wrong here because she looks to be down to earth girl. She's also very cute and beautiful so we all would like to see more of Sania Mirza in years to come. Hopefully injuries will spare her in future, but she will also have to show completely new game level to storm through the rankings. Like I said I doubt this, but I would sure have to be wrong here.

What's your opinion? Do you think that Sania has enough talent to break into the top 10 in years to come, or do you think that No.27 was her top ranking? Is it now all downhill for Sania Mirza or can she really make one big break?

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  1. sania is just a good looking talented player, but her talent is now hampered by frequent injuries - she is also at the receiving end of disproportionate adulation, and this has also done her cause no good - as an old stalwart recently commented, she will do well, just concentrating on her tennis, and get back to playing - her rankings and earnings will take care of themselves ...