Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Top 10 hottest female tennis players of all time - The final countdown

The beauty renaissance in tennis really started with Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis, and I really started fully watching tennis when these two all time tennis hotties started playing together in couples showing something way hotter than just poetry in motion. The new millennium was very kind to us in terms of tennis beauties and we have been blessed with fair number of tennis beauties that not only entertain us with their remarkable game but also with their incredible beauty. What can be more beautiful than beauty and talent combined together into one really perfect sight that simply takes your breath away. If you can think of something else please let me know.

And now to the hard part, namely choosing top ten hottest female tennis players in history of tennis. So many tennis hotties and just ten of them to make the final cut. It was a really tough decision but after some time I narrowed the final list to ten names that to me represent the hottest female tennis players in history of the game.

At number 10 is one of my favorite players in 90s, the French tennis beauty Mary Pierce. Any serious talk about the hottest tennis body should definitely include this gorgeous tennis hottie because in her prime she was a real sight for sore eyes.

Next stop at No.9. is Serena Williams. I already know that some of you will disagree but Serena has that raw touch of power that gives something special to her hotness, not to mention her carefully chosen tight body-hugging outfits that reveal just enough to make you want more. Much much more.

If there's one girl that definitely needs to improve her game to get much more attention to her look then this is Czech tennis beauty Nicole Vaidisova, number 8 on my list. She's definitely one total beauty package, and it's a real damn shame she isn't playing better because her gorgeous look definitely needs more exposure.

Number 7 belongs to Jelena Jankovic. Some of you will no doubt disagree on this but JJ has arguably the hottest body on tour, and has that touch of exotic look that makes her special among tennis hotties. Some of her offcourt appearances are quite simply breathtaking, not to mention her stretching on court. Yummy.

At number 6 is Russian tennis beauty Elena Dementieva. Elena Dementieva is one of the most beautiful tennis babes in history, and her prime asset are definitely her amazing legs. Don't get me wrong the whole package is supreme but her amazing legs give her that little bit extra compared to other girls.

Since the moment I first saw Martina Hingis I knew she was going to have special place in my heart. She was so cute, and that wonderful smile of hers is something that I deeply cherish in my female tennis memories. The former world's best player definitely had fair share of hotness around her, and she definitely deserves place No.5 on my list.

At number four is stunning tennis beauty and a real tennis icon, the gorgeous Argentinian tennis legend Gabriela Sabatini. When we talk about tennis beauties the name of this Argentinian tennis beauty is always there, challenging others for the title of the most beautiful one.

At number three is Ana Ivanovic, gorgeous looking Serbian tennis player. Dark-haired beauty with the cutest smile in the world will no doubt be at No.1 to many of you as the hottest female player of all time, but on my list she's No.3 (though it was tough call separating first three). The best thing I've heard about Ana was when one fan said "when looking Ana you have the feeling like looking angle play. That's how beautiful she is".

Maria Sharapova is the runner up. Tall, blonde and gorgeous with her stunning long legs that really make the difference, and give her that extra hotness. Maria is not only born to play tennis she's born for red carpet too because some her photos on red carpet are really amazing, filled with some sort of wild hotness that just waits to be released.

Anna Kournikova tops my "Top 10 female tennis players of all time" list, though barely. I just couldn't forgot what Anna did for popularity of woman's tennis game, and the fact that she was in her prime the most desired girl on planet. Beautiful, cute, stunningly hot, she was all that and much much more. She's like an origin of new tennis age, age that has given us so many hot female tennis players.

Do you agree with my "Top 10 female tennis players of all time" list? Would you choose some other tennis hotties instead? Who would be your winner? Share your thoughts.


  1. Ana Ivanovic is the hottest female tennis player of all time, she's way hotter than Kournikova

  2. You included Serena, Jelena, and Mary Pierce, but you didn't include Daniela Hantuchova and Maria Kirilenko? What's up with that?

  3. I don't think that these womans are top 10.

  4. daniela should definately be on the list...

  5. ana ivanovic is the hottest

  6. kournikova definitely not number 1...there are a lot more sexier tennis players than her...My top 5 are (5) Victoria Azarenka (4) Daniela Hantuchova (3) Dominika Cibulkova (2) Caroline Wozniacki and undisputely number (1) Elena Dementieva...MIKES PICKS