Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Simona Halep now playing with "smaller balls"

When Simona Halep decided to go for the surgery and reduce her big guns that made her so popular this was really a clear sign from above that all good things sadly last for very short time. And this was really a good thing, or to be more precise two good things. So many fans pleaded her not to do it but still she decided to reduce these wonderful two gifts that cause such a stir to female tennis game.

It will just not be the same without these two in their full size, it will never feel the same like it used to, it is like all the fascination has gone forever with couple of surgical knife moves. Was those two divine gifts really such a big burden for her to achieve in her tennis career? Take Serena Williams for instance, this babe isn't far behind in size but can hit the ball with incredible power, and winning tournaments with relative ease so why can't be Simona doing the same?

Sadly it is all over and 34 DD are gone to history after such a short existence. It has been a real pleasure knowing these two and they will be sorely missed in tennis world. RIP.

It was really nice knowing those two. These "babies" will be sorely missed...

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