Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Maria Kirilenko - Cute girl next door

Maria Kirilenko, Russian tennis beauty sensation has that cute girl next door look written all over her. It takes no more than just one smile from this tennis hottie to show you how cute this girl really is. I mean there are other cute girls playing this wonderful game but Maria Kirilenko is the cutest tennis girl for me.

Of course it is not all down to the most amazing smile I've ever seen, this is only half of the story, the other half includes one of the magnificent body on the WTA. And when these two halves combine the result is Maria Kirilenko, the perfect looking cutie that looks like a girl coming straight from the fantasy.

Maria Kirilenko - Incredible looking smile

When Maria Kirilenko plays I see only her as there is something so special about this girl. And seeing her smile after winning is definitely sight to remember because when I think of her smile suddenly all problems disappear, it's like everything else vanished driven by the beauty of this incredibly beautiful smile.

I wish you all the luck in the world Maria. Your biggest fan, Jean.

By Jean Lambert

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