Thursday, April 23, 2009

Elena Dementieva is such a tennis beauty

Elena Dementieva is really an amazing tennis beauty. She's so unique, because she's not only amazingly beautiful, she's also so sensual, so charming, so cute, has a such an amazing smile, has a lovely sense for humor, and of course she knows how to play tennis. To some this may seem a bit corny but Elena is really all of these, and much much more.

Elena Dementieva is so unique in her beauty

Her beauty definitely comes before her hotness but she also know how to show the world that she's in fact one hot lady. She has this rare ability to choose whole variety of different looks that suit her so well, all between the sexy tennis hottie playing the game and sophisticated (noble) lady attending to some fancy dinner or some charity event. Like she has so many different faces to show the world that are somehow connected into one perfect picture but where every face is also a masterpiece of its own. Tennis beauty that definitely deserves much more attention.

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