Thursday, April 2, 2009

Clijsters return is good thing for WTA

Kim Clijsters is coming back. Former number one player, and one of the female hard hitters is coming back to tennis game later this year. Will this bring additional quality to woman's game? Well if Kim's only half of the girl she was when she was dominating woman's tennis game, then answer would be definitely yes. And to be quite honest we don't see reason why she couldn't find her best game once again, after all she's only 25, and there are still lot of years ahead of her if she chooses to play that long.

Will Kim be the "good old Kim" after comeback?

In any case it will be definitely interesting to see how good is Kim after two year absence from female tennis due to motherhood. Knowing her professionalism, and the fact that she's really a great champion, and a great athlete I really expect to see her return to winning habits in no time. Perhaps even in Cincinatti, in August, where Kim Clijsters is set to make a comeback. Best of luck Kim.

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