Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Maria Sharapova - Beautiful as ever in GQ magazine

Maria Sharapova is definitely one of tennis girls that could have made it all the way in the model business. This tall blonde goddess from Russia has all what men want, and even more as her latest photoshoot for Spanish GQ magazine showed. Her long legs and that sexy look in her eyes are things that really make the difference so it's really not surprise she's the highest payed female athlete. After all she is the perfect combination of beauty and talent. Here is how she looked in GQ magazine.

As you can see black is definitely her color. Heck she looks awesome in all color and combinations. We're already looking forward to new tennis season. Hopefully this time on Maria Sharapova will not be as injury prone as she was this season. With gorgeous babes like Maria Sharapova tennis has more than bright future.

Photo: GQ magazine

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