Monday, December 1, 2008

Ana Ivanovic overrated?

Lately we have been receiving dozes of your emails saying that Ana Ivanovic is so overrated and that this is the main reason why she leads in our poll as the hottest female tennis player. There were some saying that she is cute, but definitely not hot, and that there are many hotter tennis players on tour.

Now I won't go into personal taste explaining how some were right, and others were wrong, but I definitely find very strange opinion of some of our visitors that say how Ana Ivanovic isn't hot, I mean we can talk whether she's hottest or not, but saying that she's not hot simply doesn't hold water. Especially if you take a look at these photos. Ana Ivanovic ultimate hot photos

Most tennis lovers would agree that she's among the hottest tennis babes of all time, but what do you think? Is she awesome looking tennis hottie or is she so overrated?

Ana Ivanovic - Awesome looking or overrated?


  1. Not one of the hottest tennis babes in history but the hottest of them all. Ana Ivanovic is perfect.

  2. i realy don't think that she is hot...these pictures look great, but when i see them and when i see ana on court, i don't think that' the same person...i think that she's too big and a man and not a woman...

  3. She definitely is overrated.
    She is beautiful but not the most beautiful.
    She has a cute face, but her body is nothing special.
    She is also clumsy. Look at her way of walking.
    I think she is rather a spoiled child captured in a body of a giant woman.
    Still, I like her and think that she is pretty.