Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gabriella Sabatini - The hottest female player of all time?

Michael from New York wrote me in his mail that there is no real competition to Gabriela Sabatini when talking about the hottest female player of all time. What is your opinion? Do you share the same thoughts as Michael? Or do you prefer some other female tennis player? Some from the newer tennis generation like Anna Kournikova, Ana Ivanovic or Maria Sharapova, or some other?
Is Gabriela Sabatini really the hottest girl in female tennis history?
Make sure to check this before answering: Gabriela Sabatini hot photos


  1. While I agree that Gabriela Sabatini was really gorgeous, I think that there's no real competition to Anna Kournikova. Anna Kournikova is even beyond hot.

  2. I remember Gabriela very good, and she was really beautiful, in that time without any doubt the hottest player, but it is difficult to say whether she's the hottest tennis player in history. This new generation certainly has fair share of really gorgeous girls.

  3. I think Gabriela was a great & beautiful player.But no one can't compete with my most beautiful love MARIA SHARAPOVA.Maria is the real hottest athlete of all time.

  4. Jelena Dokic is by far the hottest player in tennis ever.