Thursday, August 28, 2008

Ana Ivanovic so popular, but why?

Ana Ivanovic is probably the most popular female tennis player on WTA tour. Why? What is so special that puts Ana above all the rest, making her almost irresistible. First of all this girl is extremely beautiful and also cute, which is not that common combination. Ana Ivanovic also has amazing body, she's tall, long-legged, a real power-package. She looks so sensual, and what is more important you have the feeling she is down to earth girl, simple girl but with the real determination to make her dreams true. Ana Ivanovic isn't afraid to show her emotions, and you can see her determination, will, and desire in every match as she's always charged up with emotions, especially during the important matches. And of course there is this wonderful smile of hers.

Ana Ivanovic - Wonderful smile that makes her incredibly cute and pretty

But her personality and her good look aren't the only things that made her so popular. Ana Ivanovic has something else too, namely incredible talent for tennis game. Unlike Anna Kournikova Ana Ivanovic is really eager to win matches, and not only to look good on court. Her shots are powerful and precise, and on her day there is no stopping her. After all she is very young, and already No.1 female tennis player in the world. And this isn't easy to achieve. We can only hope that this talented tennis beauty will be with us at tennis courts around the world for many more years.

This beauty certainly has more than enough to last for many more years
Ana Ivanovic hot photos


  1. ana ivanovic is all time tennis beauty

  2. she really does look down to earth unlike maria sharapova

  3. She's a talent tennis player.And she's very beautiful,too.I love her

  4. she's the best tennis player and the most beautiful women in the world, i love her