Saturday, February 6, 2010

Anna Kournikova - Tennis angel in white

Though the tennis world is full of really amazing looking female athletes none of them will have the same effect like Anna Kournikova had on the tennis game back in her days. She made women's tennis game popular as never before, not through the quality of her game but through the unprecedented beauty that she possessed while hitting the tennis balls around the worldwide tennis courts.

She retired from the game too early, and it was really sad day when she announced that's that from me. But luckily she still shows us from time the time that touch of unparalleled beauty that not so recently made her the hottest girl in the world. Anna Kournikova definitely has more than fair share of beauty to keep us at her mercy for at least a decade.

Just look at this angel in white. Doesn't she look divine?

Anna's beauty still rules.

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