Monday, October 5, 2009

Maria Sharapova photo - Hot champion

It is so nice to see Maria Sharapova winning again just like in the good old days when she was world's best tennis player. It really shows us that Maria Sharapova is much more than just a tennis hottie, she's one hot champion, destined to win titles while looking hot as hell. Winning matches and looking hotter than ever - it sure sounds like an ultimate combination.

Can she yet again climb to world No.1 ranking? She definitely can but it won't be easy because there are lot of players having the same thing on their minds, like for instance Kim Clijster. No matter whether she succeeds or not it is really good to see her playing good matches after that rather unfortunate injury that sidelined her for almost a year. Now Masha has returned, looks good as ever, and has started playing like in the good old days. Good luck Maria.

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