Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ana Ivanovic to take a temporary break from tennis?

After the huge disappointment at this Year's U.S. Open and first round loss against Bondarenko Ana Ivanovic is thinking about taking a longer break from tennis. If we are to believe some press reports Ana said how she currently lacks the neccessary confidence and since she hasn't had a longer break for years she believes rest from tennis game would help her recover her old form and return her to the top of women's game.

She didn't say how long this break from tennis would actually be but we hope it won't be too long because we are talking of the (arguably) hottest female tennis player on this planet and her longer absence would make many her fans and tennis lovers very unhappy. There are many who believe her private life got her distracted from tennis game and this is the main reason for her recent loss of form. In any case if break would do her good let she have it, of course given that she soon returns to tennis courts.

What do you think? Does Ana really need just a small break from game to regain her old form or is the loss of her form mainly the result of her private life?

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