Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Why isn't Simona Halep included in hottest female tennis player poll?

This is the question that I received couple of minutes ago. The reason why Simona Halep isn't included in hottest female tennis player is because she still mostly plays on ITF and she's still not full WTA member. Once she starts playing regularly on WTA you can be sure she'll be included, especially after I saw how many fans this young girl has.

Simona Halep - Soon among the hottest tennis girls on tour

Fans are certainly there for Simona but mostly because of her fantastic look and her extreme... Well you know what I'm talking about. Don't let her look fool you, she's an excellent tennis player as well, and one of the most promising young tennis guns. This is really what we all love to see at tennis courts - sheer hotness and raw talent. I certainly wouldn't be surprised if Simona wins hottest female tennis player in years to come. But not this year. Maybe next year? We'll see...

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