Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jelena Dokic - That would be a nice comeback

Some of us still vividly remember those wonderful times when tennis beauty Jelena Dokic was top ten player, featuring on all big tournaments around the world where her beauty was as good, if not better than her tennis game. Since that time her beauty remained but her tennis game went down the drain as she not only disappeared from the top ten but also from top 100 ranking. All of you tennis lovers probably still have these sort of memories Jelena Dokic hot photo gallery

Latest reports suggest Jelena Dokic is working really hard to get back on the right track, and she (as well as we) is looking forward to the 2009, as this could possibly be her turning point to top of woman's tennis game where she definitely belongs. We wish her all the luck in the world to get back to the top but competition is fierce so this won't be an easy task for former No.4. In any case even if she doesn't get back to top ten it would still be a real pleasure seeing her beautiful face in tournaments all around the world. Good luck Jelena.

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