Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Ana Ivanovic hotter than Anna Kournikova?

According to our polls Ana Ivanovic is convincingly the hottest player on WTA tour at the moment but what if we compare her to legendary tennis beauty Anna Kournikova, girl that was not so long ago the sexiest girl in the world, and girl who many consider as the hottest athlete in entire history of the sport. What do you think? Does Ana Ivanovic have enough ammo to compete against the legendary Russian goddess, or is Anna Kournikova simply a tennis beauty out of this world that no other tennis beauty can be compared with?

So is it gorgeous dark haired tennis beauty from Serbia your No.1 pick?

Or is it the blonde Russian megababe the ultimate one?

Share your thoughts with us. After all this one's for a heavyweight title:)


  1. anna kounikova maybe hot before but ana ivanovic is more hotter!!!!!

  2. I wouldn't argue much!

  3. ANA is way more gorgeous, beautiful. She's natural.

    ANNA, I have seen up close and seen her without makeup before: Her face is AVERAGE and sometimes is ugly. But ANNA has the hotter body.

    Combine ANNA's body and hair with ANA's face, and you have a snack I could eat anyday, anytime.

  4. Ana I. is the ultimate hot babes of tennis of all times !!!