Monday, October 20, 2008

Female tennis players - More beauty than quality?

Armin from Germany thinks that female tennis is only popular because there are some really hot players playing this "once beautiful game". He thinks that tennis today is not only matter of who's playing better, but more importantly who looks better and hotter because beauty brings more fans than the quality of the game. And since some girls look like models they are taking full advantage of their looks.

I do not fully agree with Armin. I believe that though beauty is the factor that contributes to tennis popularity it isn't the most important factor. After all if people were only interested in beauty they would be instead watching fashion shows and not tennis matches. Beauty is one of the spices that adds another dimension to female tennis players, but not the dominant for watching girls play. After all women's tennis was popular even before these new hotties made their entrance to tennis courts around the world.

What do you think? Is beauty dominant factor for women's tennis popularity or is beauty of the players something that only tags alongside quality of the play?


  1. I personally watch tennis only because of Ana Ivanovic. She's divine.

  2. I think that Ana Ivanovic has both, beauty and quality.