Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Female tennis - Waiting for new fierce rivalry

Last couple of years there wasn't any female tennis player completely dominating the tournaments and the ranking. We saw up and downs of many players, and there wasn't any player that would hold her No.1 ranking for a long time. There is no female Federer or female Nadal, and the one thing that is also missing in female tennis is the fierce rivalry between two players like Federer-Nadal in men's competition, or the former rivalry between Graf and Seles in the 90's. Maybe this is because since the time of Martina Hingis (her prime years) there hasn't really been any really dominant player on WTA tour. As you know dominance of some player, makes other work even harder and every once in a while some other player steps in challenging for that top spot.

At the start of this year (Australian open) we thought that this long awaited rivalry in female tennis will be the one between Ana Ivanovic and Maria Sharapova, arguably two the hottest players on tour, but unfortunately it wasn't to be. Just imagine this, rivalry in game, rivalry in beauty, really a win-win situation for fans and surrounding media. Some would say this isn't good and how is much better that present female tennis offer situation where anyone inside top 50 can beat No.1 player anytime, and where it is a really surprise when some girl wins two titles in a row. This is maybe good for the game, making it more interesting as there are no absolute favorites anymore, but it would be so very nice seeing again the kind of rivalry that was presented a more than decade ago by Monica Seles and Steffi Graf.

Of course these two players were far above all others, and you always expected them to face in the finals. Today it is almost impossible predicting who's going to win some major tournament because none of the ladies on tour isn't consistent enough. But although we do miss lack of this fierce rivalry, you simply have to love this new breeze of beauty that surrounds today's woman's game. Female tennis players are today more beautiful than ever before, and in the lack of some classic crunch matches this is the thing that attracts masses of fans to tennis courts. For now this works really well, but I still think that one new fierce rivalry would be perfect spice to set this beautiful game on fire.

Is it still enough time for these girls to offer us a "rivalry made of dreams"?

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